Pups and plants

August 14th, 2008 • Posted in News |

Our new pup Blu is coming on leaps and bounds (quite literally). He’s a real character – yesterday I saw him having a fight with a snail on our lawn. Blu won, but only just. He’s been stung twice by wasps, he barks at socks, and he has met and made friends with the postman. He’s sleeping well now, mostly through the night with maybe an occasional 3am whine to be let out for a wee. And today I’m sitting at my computer working (a new novel proposal called OUT AT NIGHT, I’m very excited about it, and I’ll blog about it very soon), and Blu’s been curled up at my feet for much of the day.

We’re doing our best to stop him eating our house and its contents, the consequence of which is that he’s taken a fancy to our garden. Here he is with a portion of one of our nicest acers just within reach. Oh, and my vegetable patch is knackered, for this year at least. I decided there’s just too much stress involved in stopping Blu from loping across it, so he’s trampled the spring onions and leeks, and the broccolli has alreayd fallen victim to cabbage whites.

Still, I had the first of (hopefully) many homegrown tomatoes in my sandwich for lunch yesterday. Green-fingered I am not.

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