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October 24th, 2002 • Posted in News |

I’ve always loved writing novellas, and this year I’ve been working on more than ever before. If all goes to plan, 2003 will see six new novellas being released, one of them a collaboration with Simon Clark.

Firstly, my forthcoming collection from Night Shade Books, WHITE AND OTHER TALES OF RUIN, contains four reprint and two brand new novellas. ‘Hell’ is an action-packed adventure through an alternate reality, one where all bad things are there for the good of its visitors. ‘Mannequin Man and the Plastic Bitch’ is a sweet love story. True, it’s a darkly oppressive science fiction tale too, a brutal chase story, an exploration of just how far humanity will go in its pursuit of Hedonism… but in the end, it’s all about love. (You can order this collection from in the USA and in the UK).

Just delivered to PS Publishing for publication next year, CHANGING OF FACES is a sequel to NAMING OF PARTS, taking Jack and his father on into the wilderness… where they find something even worse than the living dead.

IN THE VALLEY, WHERE BELLADONNA GROWS will appear in the forthcoming Cemetery Dance anthology FOREBODING, edited by Peter Crowther and also featuring Simon Clark, Mark Morris and Michael Marshall Smith. It’s a bizarre, dream-like story, where vengeance and redemption take on many faces.

I’m nearing completion of a new novella for NIGHT VISIONS 11 entitled LOVE UNDER WILL. This is a grim dark fantasy, exploring the lengths a father will go to for the safety of his son. It’s a great honour to be able to write for such a market.

Finally this year, over Christmas I’ll be writing a novella with Simon Clark for Earthling Publications. There’s no title as yet (although in my head the working title is EXORCISING ANGELS), but we know exactly what the novella is going to be about… and we’re confident that it will turn out to be something challenging and different.

Next year I’m back onto the novels, concentrating on DUSK, the first of my two-book dark fantasy series for Night Shade Books. I’ve also got a few short story invites to write for over the next few months… but as for novellas, I think I’ll take a break!

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