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A year ago today I was walking around the place where I used to work, shaking hands, collecting bottles of whiskey and wine, and wondering whether I’d made the right decision. I was quitting work to be a full-time writer.

I had no regrets about leaving that place … I’d been there for a long time, and though I had – and still have – many friends there, sometimes it just feels like time to move on. But the prospect of not having a pay cheque at the end of the next month was quite daunting. I’d left school at 18 and never been out of work since, and now here I was, twenty years later, suddenly plunging into self-employment, and trying to make my way by … well … writing down stuff I make up.

Looking back, it was definitely the Best Thing I Ever Did.

It’s been a very good year, and probably one of the best of my life. The most satisfying work-wise, certainly. My commute now consists of taking my kids to school and walking home again. I took over our dining room and made it into my office, and it’s a place I love to be. And while there are definite pressures and worries, I have no regrets at all.

Last year I wrote several novels, novellas and a screenplay, and though some days the writing goes slow – and some days it just doesn’t come at all – it’s what I’ve always wanted to do.

There’s a lot in store for these next twelve months. I’ve just started writing the hardest book I’ve ever had to write (more on that soon), and there are several other projects I’m really looking forward to being able to announce. So watch this space for news of forthcoming books, including a new fantasy novel, a new novella in the Assassin Series, a new series of YA novels, a collection of short stories and lots of other goodies.

Tonight, I’m out for a pint and a meal with three good friends, and then Monday it’s back to the keyboard.

For everyone who reads this blog and buys my books, a big thanks for your support. Keep reading, and spread the word.

Lots more books to come.


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2 comments on “ONE YEAR ON …”

  1. Darren T says:

    Great to hear it, mate! Keep up the award-winning fiction… 🙂

  2. K. Patrick Chartier says:

    Tim, it definitely WAS the best decision you’ve ever made, since you’ve brought many more delights to your fans. Keep up the great work, cause you’re not only entertaining, your INSPIRING writers like myself in making dreams into reality.

    Thanks for EVERYthing, past, present, and future!
    Keith C.

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