One Month Later

August 4th, 2005 • Posted in News |

It’s almost a month since I posted here …. hell, how time goes by when you’re having fun! I recently spent a week in Cornwall with my wife and two kids. It was a holiday. Someone once said that holidays are supposed to be relaxing.

It wasn’t.

Perhaps it was because the quaint cottage we hired for our stay was actually right next to a road that would make the M25 look like a deserted farm track. Or maybe it was the fact that our 2 year old son Dan decided that we would never, ever sit down in peace for more than three seconds before he proceeded to intimidate/eat/destroy whatever was closest at hand (many apologies to the patrons of the Badger Inn).

It was fun, but we returned home exhausted! 472 emails awaited me upon my return, and several pressing deadlines, and I’ve been working flat-out ever since.

Oh, and I’m also back and forth to meetings with two great guys – a director and a producer – who want to make a movie out of one of my novellas:-) More news about that as and when things develop, but wish me luck.

More soon! There’s a big site update coming soon, with the utterly fantastic covers for my forthcoming books (both out in January), BERSERK and DUSK, and also there’ll be a beautiful dedicated website for DUSK and DAWN, with lots of exciting features and a couple of surprises.

As ever, watch this space.

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