December 24th, 2003 • Posted in News |

Damn, I’m feeling old. Most of the Christmas celebrations I’ve been involved in this year have seemed decidedly flat, with my main Christmas do from work ending with some drunken twat trying to start trouble in a pub in Newport. Luckily I had a couple of Big Mates with me – one glance from them and this idiot faded into the background. But after that I decided there was enough broken glass underfoot, enough drunken idiots, enough loud, bland music to drive me home by 8pm.

Maybe the fact that Tracey and I were going to watch Return of the King for her birthday the next day had something to do with the early finish (and if you haven’t seen it yet, do. This is one film that lives up to and beyond the hype. It’s brilliant).

Responsibility is a big word, and so it should be. Got a 5 month old son at home with a bad cold – he’s not sleeping well, therefore neither do we – so priorities are somewhat different this year. I’m just hoping he’s OK for the rest of the break. So my alcohol-based celebrations have been kept to a minimum this year, and family comes first. Which is as it should be.

Have a great Christmas, everyone. Next year will be an exciting one for me, in many ways. I hope you’ll stick around to share it with me.

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