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June 28th, 2007 • Posted in News |

So, I delivered my latest novel FALLEN a week ago today. Some people may think I’d take a break – kick back, sink a beer or two, go for some walks – and while I admit that yes, I have sunk a beer or two, I’ve not been resting. There may be some who think that vacant look is me asleep, but I’m always working, always thinking.

That’s what I tell my wife. Always working!

Here’s some of what I’ve been working on in the last week:

THE EVERLASTING – a screen adaptation of my latest horror novel from Leisure and Necessary Evil Press. Don’t order those cinema tickets just yet, but I have high hopes ….

TALES FROM THE TOXIC CITY – a Young Adult trilogy of novels that I hope to start writing very soon. They’re still in the planning stages right now, but I’m very excited about these books – they’re timely, exciting, scary and thrilling.

INTO THE TREES – an idea I have for an original screenplay that will kick a whole shipload of ass.

THE ISLAND – the next Noreela novel, due to Bantam early next year but … well, those creative juies are already flowing, and I have loads of ideas filling up page after page …

… and …

The most shatteringly expensive, painfully brilliant, awe-inspiring TV series ever created.

More soon.

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