February 18th, 2004 • Posted in News |

Well, the BBC have decided that FACE isn’t for them after all. I heard from them yesterday that they won’t be adapting it for screen, which is a real shame. I don’t really know the reasons, but I guess these things… just happen. Oh well! On the positive side, my film agent will be sending some copies out *very* soon to film companies in the UK and US.

Talking of which … should have some exciting film news to talk about soon. Waiting for contracts to be signed and all the usual before I can say anything, but suffice to say one of my favourite novellas has been optioned:-) Watch this space!

Counting down to my part-time work: 6 weeks from tomorrow I’ll begin earning most of my living from writing. Apparantly my car insurance will suddenly go up, as because I’m a writer I’m more at risk of travelling around to parties, getting drunk and crashing! Invite me to a party, someone. Please!

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