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March 7th, 2004 • Posted in News |

I’ve got a bit of news. It’s sad, I guess. Tragic, some would say. Here it is: Princess Diana is dead.

I just wish the world would leave her that way. I know it’s in our nature to pursue the lives of personalities even beyond the grave, but I’m getting sick of the amount of attention she’s still getting after years in her grave. And it’s media-driven, as is much in our lives at present. The tabloids continue to pursue outrageous conspiracy theories regarding her death (I suspect it was Prince Charles, Under the Mercedes, With a HackSaw), and the public lap it up.

I’ve got a good friend in the TV business, and he reckons that the quality of TV is plumetting because the same budgets are being spread across many, many more channels. Hence the slew of ‘reality’ TV shows and the perpetuation of the Cult of Celebrity (I remember a time when celebrities had an ounce of talent). We’re being manipulated, folks. I hate to sound paranoid, and I used to laugh at people with such extreme views … but it really is starting to feel that way. 10 million of us are glued to the glass teat (Stephen King’s phrase, and so accurate) each night watching some washed up celebrities eating spiders, or celebrating the creation of new celebrities, and thinking, ‘Hell, I wish I could be like them’. And then, of course, watching the adverts.

As I type this my daughter is watching ANTZ on dvd. I hope she takes a message from that film. ‘Think for yourself’.

Princess Diana is dead. She died in a car crash.

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