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April 11th, 2003 • Posted in News |


Tom and Elizabeth Monteleone are relaunching their classic Borderlands Press imprint, and I’m proud to say that they’ll be publishing one of my books. It will be a limited edition hardcover of the paperback novella collection, FEARS UNNAMED, that Leisure will publish next year. This book will contain two award-winning novellas, ‘White’ and ‘Naming of Parts’, another reprint novella (yet to be decided) and a brand new novella, which I have yet to write. It’s sure to be an absolutely gorgeous looking book!


The Leisure Books edition of FACE will be released April 28th. It’s available for pre-order now from and (see bibliogrpahy for details), with a very wonderful front cover.


My novella NAMING OF PARTS is now available from Scorpius Digital Publishing ( Here’s a link that will take you straight to an online seller:


Many moons ago, back in 1997, my first novel MESMER was released by the late lamented Tanjen Books. I’d often toyed with the idea of revisiting these characters, and the opportunity has now arisen! New US indie publisher Necessary Evil Press has asked me to write a novelette based before the events in MESMER, and I’ve already had a storm of ideas. I won’t let on too much until I’ve written the story, but suffice to say that Temple – the Mesmer’s really quite nasty sidekick – will take centre stage.

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