New Short Story, and Week 1…

December 7th, 2006 • Posted in News |

There’s a brand new short story of mine, called IN DREAMS, available online HERE. Check it out. Tell me what you think.

Ahhhh, my first week as a full-time writer. It’s been a good one. I’ve started work on my 30 DAYS OF NIGHT novelisation, and started chatting with my good mate Mark Morris about the screenplay we’re hoping to write together. It’s good. We spent an hour chatting while he cooked a meal and I drank wine (he was cooking for 8 – more of that soon), and by the end of the hour we’d hammered out a basic plot. Oh baby, this is going to be one scary movie …

Last Thursday was my last day in work, and that was a good one too. I walked around the building, saying goodbye to people I’d worked with, some of them for seventeen years. People kept handing me bottles of whiskey, which naturally I did not object to – Jack Daniels, Glenlivet, Jameson’s … I’m going to miss a lot of those people, but none of the work. A healthy outlook, I think.

I also had a nice leaving gift from work – a coffee maker, which I have of course made good use of over the past week.

And then last weekend I spent in a large country house in Monmouth, darkest Wales, with fellow writers Mark Morris, Sarah Pinborough, Adam Neville, Paul Meloy, Gary Greenwood, Steve Lockley and Paul Lewis. We worked during the days, drank and ate our way through the evenings, and it was a brilliant three days. We all got loads of work done, and on Sunday evening Mark and I polished off that bottle of Jameson’s. Oh yes … headaches all round, but a wonderful time had by all.

Catchphrase of the weekend? “Wish I’d chewed that.”

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