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February 6th, 2004 • Posted in News |

I have two new books available now!

EXORCISING ANGELS is the novella I wrote in collaboration with Simon Clark. It’s about the Angels of Mons myth from World War One, and the man who inspired it, the great author Arthur Machen. Machen is a main character in the novella! There’s also original stories from both of us, an Introduction and an Afterword, as well as a STUNNING cover by Les Edwards. You can pick this up from all the usual dealers (see the LINKS page of my website for a list)

The second book is the mass market paperback of FEARS UNNAMED. This is my third Leisure title. It’s a collection of four novellas: White, Naming of Parts, The Unfortunate and the brand new novella Remnants. Leisure have done a fantastic job as usual, the book looks wonderful and I’me VERY proud of it. You can pick this up from or

Borderlands Press will be releasing a beautiful limited edition hardback, and a deluxe edition of FEARS UNNAMED very soon now, along with an exclusive intro from me about the novellas.

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