My Forthcoming Zombie Novel

December 21st, 2004 • Posted in News |

Well, there isn’t one planned yet, but my dreams are telling me there should be …

A few weeks ago I had a powerful, vivid dream that flowed like a movie, about zombies taking over the world. I was one of a group of survivors on a Manhatten-like island (the other survivors were real-life friends of mine, mourning the loss of their families, and therefore the emotion was real and raw). A group of survivors tried to escape by space shuttle (gimme a break, it was a dream!) but it exploded a mile up, leaving only a handful of us left. Zombies tried crossing the river but were picked off my marksmen on the other side … the island was obviously the limit of the contagion, for now. Other stuff happened – a chase, a descent into a subterranean maze, and eventual triumph for the zombies.

Wow, I thought. There’s GOT to be a book in this. But then I thought of Keene’s CITY OF THE DEAD, and Romero’s LAND OF THE DEAD, and I thought, eh, no point.

Last night I had another zombie dream. Again it rolled like a surreal movie, the first half being the invasion of zombies, chases through streets familiar to me, and eventually being caught, bitten and infected. That’s when it went REALLY weird. Because I was a zombie, and not too upset at the fact. I went to a zombie convention in a big field, and the Queen was there, zombified herself (and hey, who’d tell the fuckin’ difference, y’know?). I was in a line due to meet her, and upon seeing me she said, “Tim Lebbon, I’ve heard of you.”

My comeback was, of course, “I think I’ve heard of you, too.”

Very weird.

So maybe somewhere in there, there IS a zombie novel struggling to come out.

Or maybe I’ll just look forward to the next dream.

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