My Book Launch with the Reverend James

August 4th, 2008 • Posted in News |

Last Saturday was the official launch of my UK novels FALLEN and THE EVERLASTING from Allison & Busby. And what a day.

As most of you will know, I’ve been looking forward to seeing my books published in the UK for years. At last it has happened …. and we celebrated in style. The venue was Abergavenny Bookshop, and it was well attended. We sold books, and drank much wine and real ale, courtesy of my lovely publishers. Most of the people who attended I was expecting to see (I’ve been spreading the word far and wide), but there were a couple of nice surprises. First, Mark and Dave – two guys who were on a writing course I ran in Cardiff University a few years back – surprised me by turning up. Not only did they buy books, they bought beer as well. What more could a writer ask for? Great to see you, guys!

And then a gentleman stood before me with his arms crossed and a ‘Yeah, so who am I, then?’ look on his face. I knew that I recognised him from first sight …. but it took my aging brain a few seconds to realise it was Peter Jones, an English teacher from my old school! Now, I haven’t seen Pete for about 21 years. Twenty-one. And having him turn up at my book launch just about made my day.

After many books were sold, we walked 50 yards to the Hen & Chickens pub (mentioned, so I am reliably informed, in the second Harry Potter book), where I proceeded to drink many pints of Reverend James. A big thanks, and beaucoup hugs, to Mark, Dave, Gary, Max, Scott, Morgan, Matt & Kath, Jimbo, Janice & Lizzie, Kath & Craig, and last but not least my missus Tracey, and daughter Ellie, who helped me while away a drunken afternoon in Abergavenny.

So, now I’m published in the UK. Cool.

By the way, if you want to see what Reverend James does to me, check out Gary Greenwood’s blog.

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  1. James Lebbon says:

    Nice one Tim, hopefully see your books down in Ye Olde Lincoln, carnt wait to meet your new dog! If your wondering where Cath is, she’s still completing laps at go karting….!

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