My 39th birthday – Scribe Awards, Hellboy, Puppies, and more

July 28th, 2008 • Posted in News |

It’s my 39th birthday today. What a weird age – I don’t feel this old at all, yet a year from today I hit 40. Am I bothered? Nah, not really. But let’s see what I say in 365 day’s time.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been in France for a week, and a few exciting things have happened:

First, I won a Scribe Award for my novelisation of the 30 DAYS OF NIGHT movie! I haven’t received official details and notification yet, but the awards were announced at San Diego Comic Con last week, and the results have popped up on a few blogs across the net.

Second, got a nice picture to share with you – the copies of FALLEN and THE EVERLASTING from my UK publisher Allison & Busby. Don’t they look fabulous? I’ve spent a long time looking forward to this day, and when I got home from France the box of books was awaiting my return.

With that, and the cover of my forthcoming Hellboy novel being sent to me (coming soon to this blog!), I’m a happy puppy.

And talking of puppies …. meet the new member of the Lebbon household, Blu. He’s a Weimaraner/Viszla cross, and he’s just gorgeous. He’s also eating our house, but he’s cute enough that we’ll let him.

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3 comments on “My 39th birthday – Scribe Awards, Hellboy, Puppies, and more”

  1. I.A.M. says:

    Congratulations for the award, the covers, and the family addition. The wife has declared Blu to be ‘quite a handsome fellow’, noted his feet indicate he will be enormous, and that you shall have a perfect companion for long walks and road training.

    And 40 isn’t that bad. I found 39 to be a pain to survive, but 40 is fairly pedestrian in comparison.

  2. Ron says:

    Happy Birthday Tim!

    You share a birthday with my sister-in-law, but I won’t hold that against you.

    Congrats on the award, the books, and the puppy!

  3. Fran Friel says:

    Congrats on all the wonderful success, Tim! And that’s a gorgeous pup. With that mix, he’s going to keep you busy and happy for a long time.

    Enjoy all the cool birthday fabulousness…and of course, Happy Birthday!

    Hugs from America,

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