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August 30th, 2014 • Posted in Movie News, News |

More exciting news about the forthcoming movie of my story, PAY THE GHOST.  It’s due to start shooting next month in Toronto, and as well as starring Nicolas Cage, the female lead has been announced as Sarah Wayne Callies, perhaps best known as Rick Grimes’ wife from THE WALKING DEAD.

Check out the details here.

More news as and when it comes in, but it’s all very exciting. Already mentally planning a local premiere…

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3 comments on “More Pay the Ghost news…”

  1. Christine Kellond Blakeley says:

    Hi Tim, The news of your movie has reached us here in Canada. ! Congratulations. Chris(your mum’s cousin )

  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    Hi Christine, so lovely to hear from you! Hope all’s well with you. x

  3. Jonathan Bance says:

    Hi there, any updates on a release date yet?

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