MINDTHE GAP review, and Hellboy in Amalfi

May 9th, 2008 • Posted in News |

There’s a great new review for MIND THE GAP here. The book’s due out in two weeks, but if you’ve seen it on the shelves already please do hit ‘comment’ and let me know.

I’m in Amalfi at the moment. Or rather, my head is. I went there ten years ago with my wife, and so much of that wonderful week’s holiday is coming back to me as I research the place for a novel that I’m considering writing novels in every place I’ve holidayed, just to relive the memories. So, expect new novels soon set in Austria, the Dominican Republic, and Tenby.

Hellboy’s in Amalfi with me, having a fine time thus far … although I do feel that things are going to go awry for him in, oh, about four pages.

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