Lebbon in the UK

March 28th, 2008 • Posted in News |

I’m thrilled and delighted to announce that Allison & Busby, a fantastic UK publisher, will be publishing my new fantasy novel FALLEN and my horror novel THE EVERLASTING this August! This is news I’ve been waiting for for a long time … a publishing deal in my own country. And Allison & Busby are a joy to work with.

FALLEN will be released initially in hardcover, and THE EVERLASTING as a mass market paperback. There will be signings and launches, to be announced closer to launch date, so watch this space.

As and when there’s more news, I’ll let you know!

A happy,

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4 comments on “Lebbon in the UK”

  1. John Dixon says:

    Congratulations, Tim! That’s great news.

  2. 2004catlt says:

    Great news Tim.

  3. I.A.M. says:

    This causes much joy in my heart. Good for you, good for readers, good for all. That is what this is.

    If nothing else, you can better afford to have pathetic sods like us publish your occasional droppings.

  4. m.west31 says:

    Excellent news, Tim, congratulations!

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