Jury Service and Other Fun Things

September 19th, 2007 • Posted in News |

Been two weeks since I posted. ‘Is Tim OK?’ you might be thinking. You may be wanting to send me presents, thinking I’m ill. Whiskey, for instance or Theakston’s Old Peculier. Well, send ’em on … but fear not, I’m fine.

Actually I’ve been doing my bit for the British legal system, sitting on a jury for a rather unpleasant, tragic, sad case. I found it a really interesting experience but quite stressful, and I got home each evening quite damn knackered. Two weeks out of the schedule for that, and just when I could have done without it. But they wouldn’t let me say ‘No’ a second time.

My fellow jurors were a great bunch, even the nice lady who referred to horror as a ‘cliched genre’. Naturally, she never reads horror. Ho hum.

So, what else have I been up to? Here we go:

I’ve finished the first draft screenplay of THE EVERLASTING. Although as anyone who’s worked with film folk will know, ‘finished’ is a very subjective term. I’m anticipating many rewrites in this screenplay’s future. I’m thrilled with how it’s turned out, and I’ve had a great time writing it. I’ve got an idea for an original screenplay which I’m tinkering with, and of course, there’s the Greatest TV Series Ever Made that Chris Golden and I are still working on …

My new novel FALLEN has gone into production over at Bantam. Release date for that is spring next year. MIND THE GAP, written with Chris Golden, is hot on its heels.

I’ve started my fourth fantasy novel for Bantam just this week. Provisionally titled THE ISLAND, I’m already storming into it (quite apt, as the novel opens with a terrible storm), and having a great time visiting Noreela once again. Weird place. Great ale.

I’ve written a pitch for a collaborative YA trilogy, and I’ve almost finished a proposal for a YA trilogy of my own as well. I’m very excited about both ideas – they’re very different, and that’s good. More news about these if and when there is any …

My novelisation of the movie 30 DAYS OF NIGHT should be hitting the shelves very soon. You’ll be able to find it in all the usual bookshops in the USA and on the net, and I’m hoping it may find shelf space in the UK as well! How unique! A UK writer having his books available from UK bookshops!

More soon.


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