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Still madly insanely busy with deadlines – HELLBOY is the big red guy jumping on my head at the moment – and I’m looking forward to the beginning of May, when I can get stuck in to DAWN for Bantam.

I’ve finished the rewrites on DUSK for my wonderful editor at Bantam, Anne Groell, and it’s a much stronger book as a result. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the editorial process! And being so deeply involved with the book again has made me eager as hell to start DAWN, and I’ve also come up with ideas for at least several more books set in the same universe – not sequels, but involving the same world, peoples, creatures and themes. One of the curses of being a writer is wanting to write about 8 books at once!

I’m off to New York soon for the World Horror Convention, where I’m a Guest of Honour. Please come up and buy me a beer!

I’m a judge this year for the World Fantasy Awards, which is a great honour. The books have started rolling in … once day last week I had 47 hardback delivered. My postman has taken out a contract on me!

DESOLATION, my new novel from Leisure, is out now (check out the Latest Extract bit of my site).

Finally, don’t forget BERSERK, my new novel due in hardback later this year from Necessary Evil Press. Details about this exciting project can be found at the news part of my site.

One film to watch; Haute Tension (the version I watched was renamed Switchblade Romance). Utterly thrilling, gory as hell, beautifully made French horror film. Go. Watch. Enjoy.

More soon!


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