I Love the Postman

January 15th, 2008 • Posted in News |

(Disclaimer: if my postie happens to be reading this, I don’t mean it literally)

Couple of days ago, two big parcels showed up first thing in the morning, delivered by a post office driver who’s becoming used to delivering big parcels of books to me. Always feels like Christmas, and this was no exception.

The first parcel contained copies of my novel BERSERK from Spring International in Taiwan. The book looks beautiful, a really nice trade paperback. Can’t read a word of it, of course, other than ‘Tim Lebbon’ on the cover, but I’m just thrilled to see this one out there, and the thought that people in Taiwan are reading my novel about horrific happenings in Salisbury is wonderful. More translations coming soon …!

The second parcel contained my author copies of AFTER THE WAR from Subterranean Press. This book is an object of beauty. The cover by Tomislav Tikulin is just beautiful, and the book design is everything you’d come to expect from Subterranean. I’m proud to be published by them at last (this is my first book with them, though I had a novella in Night Visions 11), and if you’ve read any of my Noreela novels (DUSK or DAWN) and want another taster of this world, these two novellas should be just your cup of tea.

Tomorrow … another bit of news. Hopefully. Watch this space.

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  1. waterfowl says:

    Tim, I’m about 2/3 of the way through Dusk at this point. I’m really enjoying it, and hope to get it finished tonight or tomorrow. I’m planning on picking up or ordering Dawn and After the War shortly. The world you’ve created is fantastic, and I hope you’ll keep setting books there in the future.

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