Hellboy, Lynch, and more AFTER THE WAR

May 7th, 2008 • Posted in News |

There’s some nice things being said about my two-novella volume AFTER THE WAR- go here to check it out.

I’ve just started reading The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch, after seeing much praise about it, and I have to say it’s pretty stunning. I’m not that far in, but the world Lynch is creating is wonderfully rich, decadent, grim, brutal, and it also has a nice sense of humour. I was intensely annoyed to learn that Scott Lynch is only in his twenties. Far too talented for his own good, obviously.

I’ve also been on a HELLBOY reading spree … because today, I began my second Hellboy novel! I’m writing HELLBOY: The Fire Wolves for Dark Horse, and I’m thrilled at being able to enter Mike Mignola’s wondrous world yet again. Watch out for updates on this book in the future.

And more news incoming soon!

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One comment on “Hellboy, Lynch, and more AFTER THE WAR”

  1. Chris says:

    No thanks necessary — excellent book, as is the whole ‘Noreela’ series thus far.

    Incidentally, have seen all of your Noreela books (except ‘After The War’ of course) plus several Leisure horrors in several mass-market bookshops here in Western Australia. So you’re catching on over here…

    Think I’m about to take a chance and pick up ‘The Nature of Balance’ off Amazon.com now; haven’t read much of your non-Noreela stuff (except Mind The Gap), but the blurb looks good… 🙂

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