Heavy Weekend

January 19th, 2004 • Posted in News |

I had the pleasure this weekend of being Official Tour Guide of Monmouthshire for Jeremy Lassen (Night Shade) and his lovely wife Liza. We did castles. We did Machen’s birthplace. We did more castles. And we did the finest food and ales known to Man on Friday evening. I am suffering for it now, and my proposed diet has been kidnapped, tied down and slaughtered. But it was worth it. If you’re reading this Jeremy & Liza … enjoy your time back in the cult!

I also survived my first lecture as a … well …lecturer. Last Thursday was the first night of the writing course I’m running at Cardiff University. I was incredibly nervous, but the 10 people who turned up were all very pleasant and willing to get involved, and I was immediately put at ease. I’m still somewhat perturbed at how easily one of them guessed my day job – I was hoping that one would last out the whole course – but I guess ‘The most boring job in the world’ is a dead giveaway for a Python fan.

As for Bush’s proposed visit to Mars, well … I hope he’s going.

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