Half Marathon

February 24th, 2008 • Posted in News |

Well, this may surprise a few of you: I’ve just entered the Cardiff Half Marathon, to be held Octobr 19th this year. 13.1 miles. Bloody hell.

If you know me, you’ll know that I enjoy the occasional pint or two at conventions, an Indian meal, and have been known to puff on a cigarette, said cigarettes usually nicked from Guy Adams or Michael Marshall Smith. But after Christmas this year I hit 14 stones (196 lbs for my America friends), and decided enough was enough. So I started eating well, stayed off the booze for January (as much a personal challenge as anything else), and started running and cycling regularly. The result of which is that I dropped 16 lbs and now feel better than I have for years!

Yes, still enjoy a bottle of wine whilst watching a movie (last night it was THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND). But yesterday I also bought some decent running shoes (there goes my next book advance) and entered online for the half marathon … again, a personal challenge as much as anyting else.

Or maybe it’s just a mid-life crisis.

So anyway, when the time comes, I’ll be inviting sponsors for the World Wildlife Fund (nature’s been good to us and we’ve fucked it up, so now it’s paypback time … hey, that could be the tagline for the next straight-to-dvd Steven Segal movie!). And in the meantime, I’ll get my running shoes on.

Oh, and I’ve already received one ‘Run Fatboy Run’ email. Any more, and I know people who can make it happen the sender is never heard from again.


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  1. James Lebbon says:

    Alright mate its James. If you complete the half marathon il buy you two pints, an indian and twenty cigs, good luck!

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