Going Berserk

January 19th, 2005 • Posted in News |

Everything’s going Berserk. Feels like it, anyway. BERSERK is the title of the new novel I’m just about finishing up – I’m hoping to complete it the tail end of next week, and then it’s off to the publisher … and watch out soon for a very special announcement about the limited edition hardcover of this novel.

Straight after that I have to write my Hellboy novel HELLBOY: THE NEW ARK for Pocket Books, and I also have a novella to deliver to Harbinger Press by the end of March. Mad? Insane? That’s how I feel at the moment … but I love deadlines. And much as it’ll stress me out, I’ll never, ever moan about having to deliver a book:-)

Cover versions: I just heard the Velvet Revolver cover version of Bodies, by the Sex Pistols, and it blew me away! Stunning! Another favourite is Word Up covered by Korn. I love cover versions! (apart from Whiskey in the Jar, which Metallica killed).

Back to BERSERK. Watch out for the hardcover announcement at the beginning of March!

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