GAP, Mist, and Indy IV

May 28th, 2008 • Posted in News |

Had a good weekend movie-wise. We watched THE MIST on Saturday, and I thought it was fabulous. Very scary, very well-written (apart from a few dodgy bits of dialogue), and the ending was excellent. I know some have said they didn’t like the way this movie ended but … well. I don’t want to give any spoliers.

Then on Sunday we too the kids to see the fourth Indiana Jones movie. Preposterous, but I had a smile on my face much of the way through, and it was everything I had hoped. Ford looked great, and it was good to see Karen Allen again. Remember all those public information films of the 70s that told you to hide under the stairs in the event of a nuclear attack? Those guys got it all wrong …

MIND THE GAP has had a nice review at the Fantasy Book Critic.

Tomorrow, some exciting news ….

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