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July 10th, 2003 • Posted in News |

I’m delighted to announce that my novel THE NATURE OF BALANCE has been optioned for screen by a screenwriter & producer team in the USA. The screenwriter is a very talented writer with several screenplays under his belt, and the producer works for one of the top studios in Hollywood (although they’re acting independently on this one). The writer has started work on the script already. Suffice to say, I’m very excited about this! Of course, there’s no guarantee that the film will be made, but the chance is always there. More news on this as and when it arises!

I’ve just signed contracts with Cemetery Dance Publications for a new collection of my short fiction. Tentative title is UNNECESSARY EVILS. This will collect much of my short fiction published since AS THE SUN GOES DOWN came out, along with several new pieces. Not sure about publication date yet, but I’m guessing the end of 2004-ish.

And finally, my website is going to have a major overhaul very soon now, with a new look, a message board and a journal to keep you up to date with what’s going on in my world. Watch this space!

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