Fat bastard

January 5th, 2004 • Posted in News |

That’s me. The weight’s been creeping on and creeping on over the past few months, especially since our son Daniel was born and I’ve stopped doing so much exercise. I now roll instead of walk, and if I move too quickly I have a detrimental gravitational effect on my surroundings. I cause cars to swerve into lamp posts. I make dogs fall over. Lunatics go even madder around me. You get the drift.

So hear ye this: I’m going to lose weight and get fit. Passing fad, I hear you cry? Resolution that will fail by January 10th? Well two years ago I gave up smoking for New Year, and I haven’t touched a ciggie since. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Today is day one. 13st 8lbs.


Exciting times for this New Year! Next week I’m off to London for some meetings with film companies – four meetings in one afternoon, no less! I have to find my way around London, keeping my cool and making sure I don’t turn up late. That’s if my obese mass doesn’t tumble buildings in my path.


DUSK is days away from completion. Literally days. Self imposed deadline is Saturday – I’m having a meal with Steve my agent then, and I’d rather hand over the manuscript to him then than post it later and incur the postage charge. A good enough reason for a deadline as any.

It’ll be nice to finish. And so … back to it!

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