Fantasycon 08

September 28th, 2008 • Posted in News |

Ahhh, Fantasycon. I’ve been to lots of conventions, but this one always seems to be the highlight. This time last week I was just about to leave, and it already seems like many weeks ago. This one was particularly fun because my mate Chris Golden was over from the USA as Guest of Honour, and I had the pleasure of interviewing him on stage (the whole interview was filmed, and will be available online soon – I’ll post details here).

I was on a good panel about Trends in Horror, along with Mark Morris, Sarah Pinborough, Joseph D’Lacy and Bill Hussey, and it was a refreshing change being on a panel where the overall feel for horror in this country was positive. Bill and Joe are writing for Bloody Books, a fine new outfit, and Adam Nevill, editor at Virgin, was in the audience, providing some insight into their line as well. Very positive.

There was the usual curry on Friday evening, and a very civilised bedtime of 2:30. Saturday evening was the banquet (where they served food I’m certain I saw the year before … really, I wrote my name on a carrot to see if I get it again next year), and then the awards. I didn’t win either award I was up for, but I was delighted to see my mates Conrad Williams and Joel Lane beat me. After the awards, the raffle, hosted by Guy Adams and Sarah Pinborough. Started off OK … but even their sparkling wit and presentation couldn’t save it from becoming tedious and soul-destroying by the end. Really, let’s have twenty really good prizes, instead of 300 books that few people really want.

More beer, more wine, then home. I brought Golden home with me for a couple of days … but that’ll wait for another blog post.

Also subject of a future post … I sold three new novels this week (hoorah!), which I’ll tell you about when the contracts are signed.

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