FALLEN – the end

June 21st, 2007 • Posted in News |

Today I delivered my third fantasy novel, FALLEN, to Bantam Spectra. For me, the feeling when delivering a novel is pretty mixed. Initially there’s euphoria that I’ve finished another book, set it to one side, re-read it, made notes, re-written, re-read again, made more notes and done another edit and revisions pass before finally delivering (and I’m additionally smug this time because it’s actually ten days before official delivery date).

Then the doubts start to creep in …

But even 6 hours after delivery, I still believe that this book is the best I’ve ever written. It’s a fantasy novel, the world is complex and well realised, the characters are interesting and very, very human (indeed, the strength of the novel lies in the main characters’ human strengths and weaknesses). I hope. We’ll see.

For now, I’m still in a happy phase, enjoying a superb bottle of Merlot and looking forward to hearing feedback from my agents and editor.

FALLEN … it’s set in a world some of you may recognise. But it’s a whole new story.

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