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Time flies when you’re having fun.  Maybe that’s true!  Yesterday I went to my dad’s place to help build a fence (his old one had rotted and almost fallen over … we breathed on it and it fell down).  Most of my family were there, and in 8 hours of solid work we’d taken down the old fence, dug new post holes and cast them in, fixed rails and nailed up featherboarding.  One new fence – job done.  It felt like 2 hour’s work, not eight, and the beers last night were well-deserved.

eden460Whilst beering, I watched EDEN LAKE.  I wouldn’t have bothered – lost in woods and hunted by killers type movies lost their appeal for me long ago – but Empire gave it 4 stars, and I usually find that mag’s opinion is worth listening to.  I’m glad I did.  It wasn’t so much a viewing experience, but an ordeal, and it left me feeling exhausted, shocked and quite spooked.  It’s a staggeringly well-made debut from writer-director James Watkins, providing an unbearably tense, unpredictable take on the ‘couple being stalked’ theme.  The acting is superb throughout, the script fresh and impressively almost cliche-free.  I won’t say ‘enjoy it’, but … watch, survive, and then move on.

I’m four days away from delivery ECHO CITY FALLS, so this week is going to be spent editing and revising, drinking coffee, more revising, more coffee, and a couple of hour’s sleep here and there.  Once that’s delivered, I have a short story to start, and a few other things to get stuck into before I start my original 30 DAYS OF NIGHT novel.

So … it’ll be quiet here this week.  Forgive me.  I’m in the biggest city ever, trying to figure out what is rising from the Falls.

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