December 1st, 2003 • Posted in News |

I’m coming to the end of what has been the longest, most intensive writing experience of my life so far. I began writing DUSK four years ago, when I produced a synopsis and a few chapters. It remained on my hard disc for a time while I fulfilled other commitments, though I’d tinker with it every now and then. And then Jason Williams at Night Shade read the sample … and 18 months later, it’s almost finished.

Nearing the end, I’m starting to get nervous. Will anyone like it? Will this get me a deal in the UK, where publishers consistently turn down my books because they wouldn’t be able to sell them cos they’re ‘horror’? Is it any good?

Normal worries for any writer, I guess. I think it’s OK. We’ll see.

And now, back to work … more consistent and meaningful blogging when that big 600 page DUSK baby is in the bag!

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