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The Blair With Project with a budget, that was my first thought about Cloverfield when the buzz first started about a year ago. And in some ways, after watching the movie, I was right. It had the internet buzzing, producing its own publicity (a Power-rangers movie???). It was filmed entirely from the POV of a small group of people. And it was groundbreaking.

What a movie. I loved it. I won’t go into any spoilers here, but I think it’s probably one of the first ‘blockbusters’ where the makers didn’t feel the need to really explain anything of what was going on. That’s refreshing, because movies like this usually concentrate on the scientists, the military and the concerned B-actor playing the American President. Instead, we get a bunch of young people, fighting for their lives and the lives of those they love. Surprising, shocking, and tense as hell, this is truly a movie you need to see on the big screen.

Work wise, I’ve been working hard all week on the rewrites and edits for my fourth Noreela novel, THE ISLAND, and it’s coming along really well.

My Noreela website has undergone a big update prior to the release of FALLEN at the end of April – check it out here. First major review of FALLEN is incoming next week, and I’ve had advance notice that it’s a corker – I’ll post a link here as soon as it’s up.

And for my British readers, some very exciting news is on the way. Exciting for me, too! As ever, watch this space.


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