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August 10th, 2004 • Posted in News |

Welcome back to the blog that never gets blogged! Full of good intentions, I continue to fail spectacularly in keeping this regular and up-to-date. My excuse this time is that I’ve been away with my family, and before that I was struggling to complete DESOLATION so that I could deliver it on deadline to Leisure and Borderlands. Well, I managed to do that, so now I have no excuse. Except that I’m away tomorrow for a week at Horrorfind…

Meantime, I’m still waiting on some news. Writing is all about waiting. It’s a lonely business, true, but a frustrating business too. I seem to be waiting for news – on film deals, book deals, short stories etc – all the time, and it seems that the next bit of news is always potentially bigger. I’m hoping to hear quite soon about this current deal, and I’ll post details here as soon as I can (whatever the outcome). I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Good job I’m not a nail-biter, I’d be down to my elbows by now.

I’m working on a Poe story at the moment for a Cemetery Dance anthology, and then I’ll be writing a Jules Verne story to submit to a Mammoth anthology, and then after that I’ll be thinking about the second book in the Assassin Series for Necessary Evil Press. And amongst all that I’ll be starting my new novel … but which new novel depends on the pending news.

A word about pirate DVDs: I’ve decided that I hate them. I’ve got a couple of friends who seem to be able to track them down, but I’m sick of watching new films only to find the last 3 minutes has been cut off, or it’s jumpy, or people are creeping back and forth to the loo when it’s secretly filmed in a cinema, or it’s dark and grainy … The whole point I have a DVD player is so that I can watch films with a top quality picture. It’s all very well having ‘new’ films before everyone else, but who gives a shit when they’re virtually unwatchable anyway! I STILL don’t know what happened right at the end of BIG FISH. And that pisses me off. So from now on, it’s hired movies for me.

Right, I’m off to pack my suitcase.

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