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November 8th, 2004 • Posted in News |

I’ve got a few exciting announcements this time!

Firstly HUSH, the novel I wrote with Gavin Williams several years ago, is getting the limited hardback treatment from Delirium. It will be one of their Dark Essentials titles next year, and I’m thrilled that it will finally be available in hardback. This novel received great reviews when it was released from Razorblade Press a few years back, as well as being shortlisted for a British Fantasy Award. The book will contain an Introduction by Gavin and an Afterword by me, and I’m sure it’ll be a real collector’s item.

PIECES OF HATE, Book Two of the Assassin Series, is available for pre order from Shocklines ( and the Necessary Evil Press website ( This is a pirate novella, again featuring the supernatural assassin Temple and his nemesis Gabriel, with more background story wrapped in an exciting, gritty and brutal high seas adventure. Artwork by Caniglia … and he’s outdone himself this time, coming up with a stunning cover (which you can see at the above websites) and some gorgeous interior artwork as well.

On Hallowe’en my collection FEARS UNNAMED had a great review in the New York Times! Being a Brit I wasn’t quite aware of how exciting this news is, but that was impressed upon me last week by the amount of film company interest attracted by this single review! My film agent is busy at the moment, and I’m hoping I’ll have some exciting news soon.

Talking of movies, Stephen Susco – writer of the massive UK and US box office hit THE GRUDGE – has renewed his option on my novella ‘White’, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed there. The novella is in good hands for sure, and I’m hopeful it’ll find its way to the big screen.

Recent stories published include my novelette ‘Forever’, which appears in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF SORCERER’S TALES, and ‘Fodder’, the novella I wrote with Brian Keene, which is reprinted in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF NEW TERROR. Also reprinted is ‘Exorcising Angels’ (the novella I wrote with Simon Clark), which appears in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW HORROR. I also have a piece in the science fiction book PROJECTIONS, a collection of critical essays from MonkeyBrain Books, edited by Lou Anders.

I think that’s it for now, but there’ll be some exciting news very soon about my new novel BERSERK. I’ve just signed a deal for a hardback edition, but I’m waiting for all the details to be sorted out before I announce it. It will be worth the wait, so please keep checking back here for news!

As ever … watch this space!

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