Being Proud

March 9th, 2006 • Posted in News |

I’ve been pretty lucky over the last few years: I’ve won several writing awards, and they look very nice up on my bookcase. I’m proud of them. People ask me about them, and I like responding.

But I’ve just discovered what real pride means. Ellie, my 7 year old daughter, had to do a project for school. It was based around Wales for St David’s day, and she decided to write a book. It was called Nathan’s Journey, and it consisted of a nine page description of Nathan travelling across Wales with a bunch of daffodils for his mum, heavily illustrated, lovingly put together. He passed Cardiff Castle, a range of mountains, and ended up getting a ride home on the back of the Welsh dragon.

Ellie came first place in the competition, so now there are two award-winning writers in my household! How exciting is that?


Writing-wise, I’m working hard on various projects that should appear in the News page of this site soon. And keep an eye on for a free downloadable novella starting soon!

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