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February 6th, 2004 • Posted in News |

Hoorah! My website’s back up! Sorry for the few days it’s been down … my domain name ran out and I didn’t get a reminder (or perhaps I did get one, but ended up deleting it along with the million spams I get every day).

News: my new Leisure book FEARS UNNAMED is out now!! Check out the news section for details, and the Bibliography section in a few days as well. It’s my third Leisure title, and they’re starting to look pretty good sitting together there on my shelf.

Now, one of the most shocking news items in recent history: Janet Jackson’s tit. Who gives a royal flying fuck? Can somebody please explain what was so terrible about it? It seems to me – from what I can see from all the way over here – that the American media is in uproar about it. Gross indecency. Terrible, awful, the most disgusting thing ever seen at a sporting event. Blah blah…

It’s a tit. It’s nowhere near as bad as illegal elections and illegal wars. Is it? Maybe it’s just me.

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