Back from the Other Side

October 3rd, 2005 • Posted in News |

Conventions take place in an alternate reality, I’m sure of it. They do things to your head. Take away some of the pain. And in their wake, something happens to your energy level (ie, you have one)!

I’ve just returned from the British Fantasy Convention in Walsall. I bought more books than I should have (some rare Machen items, China Mieville’s new collection, Mark Morris’s new novel, Joe Hill’s collection), and drank more than I should have (ahhhh …. Black Sheep …..), smoked more than I should have, even slept more than is normal at a convention (I actually had 8 hours sleep). I feel refreshed and full of energy, even though life is complicated at the moment, and I’m still feeling confident about hitting a book deadline that LOOMS.

Conventions are Good Things. Wish I could do them every weekend.


Check out if you haven’t already … a fantastic new site for my forthcoming fantasy novels DUSK and DAWN.

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