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August 24th, 2001 • Posted in News |

Some more exciting news this time:

Firstly, my novella NAMING OF PARTS has been shortlisted for a British Fantasy Award for Best Short Fiction (as well as being shortlisted for an International Horror Guild Award). HUSH, the novel I co-wrote with Gavin Williams, is also shortlisted in the Best Novel category … so the Award Ceremony in London is going to be an exciting time for me!

And talking of Awards, two of my publishers – Peter Crowther from PS Publishing, and Jason, Ben and Jeremy from Night Shade Books – have been nominated for World Fantasy Awards. Best of luck!

Book news … no contracts yet, but I’m certain enough of this to announce it: Night Shade Books will be publishing a huge collection of my novellas next year. It will contain three old novellas (including the award-winning White), and three new ones. We haven’t decided upon a title yet, but it should be launched at the World Horror Convention in Chicago next year (which I’m pleased to say I’ll now be attending).

No contracts on this either, but I’m in discussion with Night Shade about a proposed 2-book dark fantasy called THE DEAD OF NIGHT (Book One: DUSK and Book Two: DAWN). I’m really hopeful that this will come off, I wrote a sample of DUSK over a year ago now and it’s been on my mind ever since. Now, it looks like I’ll get to finish it.

I’ve just delivered UNTIL SHE SLEEPS to Cemetery Dance Publications. This is a novella/short novel the same length as MESMER. I’ll let you know when there’s a publication date on this, but you can check out the CD website at for details.

I received thirteen Honourable Mentions in the new volume of Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. Thanks to Ellen Datlow!

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to enter the competition, there’s not long left! You can win limited editions of my new novels FACE (Night Shade Books) and THE NATURE OF BALANCE (Prime and Leisure Books).

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