Audio Books, Dark Discoveries, and Necon

May 30th, 2008 • Posted in News |

A few exciting announcements today, as promised:

First, my novels BERSERK and THE EVERLASTING are being produced as audio books by Dark Realms Audio, the ‘mature listeners’ arm of Audio Realms. Check out the website and you can see what other very cool projects they have, both available now – Brian Keene, Jack Ketchum and Richard Laymon – and forthcoming. I had an audiobook made about ten years ago of my novella The First Law (it was on cassette, that tells you how long ago it was) and that turned out well (although the publisher disappeared into thin air and I never saw a penny royalties … so it goes). I can’t wait to hear these from Dark Realms, especially in these days when audio books are bigger business than ever.

Dark Discoveries ’11 has hit the shelves, containing a long story by me called Making Room, as well as fiction by Mike Laimo, Cody Goodfellow and J J Caruso, and interviews with Joe Hill, Edward Lee and Charlee Jacob. It’s a scorcher. Buy it.

And you’ll want to be buying this, too. The Big Book of Necon is one of those anthologies already destined to be a classic. Oh yes.

This website will be undergoing an huge redesign in the near future. It’s going to look sexy. Watch this space.

Finally, a bit of excitement in the village at 3:30am this morning. A car exploded. Just chaos, keeping us on our toes.

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