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April 18th, 2005 • Posted in News |

I’m back from the World Horror Convention in New York! What a superb convention. Tracey and Ellie came with me, and it was a strange few days because we were keeping pretty different times. I’d roll in about 4 in the morning, and Tracey and Ellie would be up at 6, getting ready for their day in the Big Apple. They had a great time – Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, Natural History Museum – and they even appeared in the New York Daily News! One morning at 6am (Ellie’s times were a bit messed up) they were wandering through Times Square when they stopped to watch the Pope’s funeral on one of the big screens. A press photographer happened to be there, and next thing we knew … they were in the paper! My daughter Ellie was thrilled, and I kept telling her “They flew Daddy here to be a Guest of Honour, and now you’re the famous one!” She even signed a paper for a couple of people, bless her.

I signed about … oohhh, 200 books over the weekend. It was great. I was so honoured to be there, me and a load of famous people (Harlan Ellison, Joe Lansdale, F Paul Wilson, the Monteleones, Mick Garris, Allen K, Linda Addison … etc etc). I met my editor at Bantam for the first time and had a meal with her and her husband, had a meal with my old mate Don from Leisure, drank with too many people to list here, had meetings with some film people, saw more of New York than I was expecting, and generally had a fine time.

Oh, and it was a business trip. I’ve always told my wife how I’ve done my best business shitfaced in a room party at 3 in the morning. Guess what? Shitfaced at a room party at 3 in the morning I sold a book. Can’t say much about it yet, but it should be announced soon … and it’s going to be a good one:-)

Other stuff: I’ve delivered HELLBOY: THE NEW ARK, and I’m awaiting comments from Chris Golden and Mike Mignola (who I met in NY, and who is a true gentleman). Working on a novella right now, then it’s onto DAWN for Bantam in May. I’m also doing some pitching to as film company at the moment, an exciting project with great potential, but I can’t say any more until decisions have been made.

I think that’s all for now … I have about 16,000 books to read for World Fantasy, so that’s what I’m going to do now. More updates soon. I’m waiting on a couple of bits of potentially big news, so as usual I’m leaping at the phone every time it goes. I’ll post details here if and when they arrive!

Stay safe.

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