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June 12th, 2002 • Posted in News |

I’ve just got back from a quick trip to New York (it felt quick, although it was four days), a journey topped off nicely when I collected a Bram Stoker Award for my short story ‘Reconstructing Amy’, first published in AS THE SUN GOES DOWN (Night Shade Books). It was fun enough sitting at the banquet table with Neil Gaiman, Peter Straub, Doug Clegg, Ellen Datlow, Scott Edelman, Gahan Wilson and my own missus … but hearing my name read out by the very wonderful Linda Addison made my night. And that little haunted house is very, very nice indeed, intricately detailed, and the door no longer falls off!

New York was just beautiful, in a very busy, noisy, bustling sort of way. One look at Grand Central Station and I knew just why the city is known as Gotham. We went up the Empire State Building, strolled around Central Park, took a boat trip around Ellis Island … and Tracey even ventured off to Times Square on her own! It’s a magical place, really, so much more than you’ve ever seen in the movies the films … when you’re there you can feel the ground shaking as the subway train passes by, smell the hot-dogs and pretzels, see the cars somehow, unbelievably, avoiding multiple pile-ups at every junction, see the incredible mix of cultures … a great place.

Book stuff … WHITE, AND OTHER TALES OF RUIN is now available to pre-order, and it should be shipping in the next couple of months. More news as and when! Also, I have news of an exciting new book deal forthcoming soon. Watch this space!!

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