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I’ve been meaning to post something here for a couple of days now, really I have. Two evenings ago I was ready to do some work, but then I was distracted. Same again last night. I’ve got loads of work to do, deadlines to meet, books to read for people, so there really is no excuse, no excuse at all …..

Except …..

I have an admission to make. It’s a bit personal, so it’s difficult for me, but I’m addicted … to I’M A CELEBRITY GET ME OUT OF HERE!

I had no intention of watching. I watch very little TV, despise most of it (FRIENDS makes me vomit), and this is just another one of those victim-TV series that has become so popular over the past couple of years. But then I heard that John Lydon – Mr Punk himself – was one of the celebrities, and I couldn’t help myself.

(As an aside, maybe it should be called I USED TO BE A CELEBRITY, GET ME IN HERE!). I honestly didn’t know at least half of the ‘celebrities’ taking part this year. OK, so I knew of Jordan, and Mike Read, but who the hell was that ex-Atomic Kitten woman with a suspposedly famous husband?

Anyway, I digress. John Lydon. Johnny Rotten. Taking part in a crap TV show. How very punk of him.

It’s been interesting watching his progress. Sometimes he exibits something of the old Lydon behaviour, but mostly he’s like a big cat (a lion maybe, though tamed for TV). His run-in with the ostriches was one of the funnniest moments on TV in ages. I keep expecting him to smash up the camp, kick in any cameras he can find and storm off into the ‘jungle’ (where I suspect there’s a luxury hotel within a stone’s throw). But … it probably won’t happen. In fact, he’ll probably win. And in will go the final nail in punk’s coffin.

Yes, I’m addicted. But I can give it up at any time. Can’t?


Thought for the day: when it’s really, really windy, why don’t all the birds end up blown up against the base of a hill?

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