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September 29th, 2004 • Posted in News |

Whoopise, haven’t been here for a while … but I’ve been busy as ever! It’s now 6 months since I went part time to concentrate more on writing, and my overriding thought is ‘How the hell did I ever get anything done before?’ I used to squeeze writing in lunchtimes in work, evenings after the kids are in bed, early mornings when Daniel wakes us at 5:00am, and holidays from work. And somehow I was still writing novels and novellas etc … though not quite at the pace I’m setting now. In the last six months I’ve written a novel (DESOLATION), a novella (PIECES OF HATE), several short stories, a novel proposal (more of which later), and I’m 18,000 words into my new novel BERSERK. Not bad. Actually it’s been more successful than I could have dreamed, and there’s nothing quite like working to your own pace, in your own home. Some days I write 5,000 words, others 3,000, and now and then – like the day I finished DESOLATION in July – I just go up the pub for lunch and sit in the pub garden with a nice pint and a good book!

As you can see, I’m rather enjoying being a professional writer.

I had news of a very nice book deal this week, which I’m hoping to be able to announce soon. It’s a bit unusual for me, but it’s going to be a lot of fun, and it’s something that I hope everyone who likes my work will enjoy. You’ll certainly recognise one aspect of the novel, at least … Anyway, no more clues, watch this space for an announcement in the next few weeks.

Tracey and I have been married for ten years on October 14th … bloody hell! As a bit of a treat we’ve joined a local gym, a posh one with a pool and health suite etc. Lots of fun. So we take it in turns to get fit and have a bit of time to ourselves. My Best Buy lately has been the jog-proof CD player I bought to take to the gym with me, which means I can watch that aeorbics video on MTV whilst listening to Fields of the Nephilim or the Foo Fighters. Perfect! Actually that video does more for my heart rate than half an hour on the treadmill.

By the way, if you haven’t seen Alien vs Predator yet …. be warned: it’s shit. If you fancy 2 hours laughing your ass off, go to see it. If you want a good horror or action film, don’t.

I’ll be posting another news update soon, and other parts of the site will be updated too (bibliography, extract etc). So stay tuned, and feel free to post on my forum if you have anything you want to share!


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