2008 – Looking Back

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As 2008 draws to a weary close (well I’m weary, don’t know about you … early mornings, late nights, too much food and booze), I thought I’d post my thoughts about what I thought were the highlights of this past year.

Firstly, I read a lot more this year than last (about 35 novels, and assorted graphic novels and novellas).  That was a conscious effort on my part, and I’m pleased it worked out, but next year I’d like to read more still.  As time ticks by – and I reach the big 40 next year – I realise how many books I have stacked on my shelves.

Book of the year (read this year, not necessarily published this year) – The Rothe-road-cormac-mccarthy1ad, Cormac McCarthy. This is the first McCarthy I’ve read, and it was a staggering, shattering experience.  Horrible, challenging, beautiful.

Album of the year – State of Grace by Street Dogs.  A surprise winner – I’ve always like the Street Dogs, but this new album has classic written all over it.  Real punk challenging real issues, the songs are intelligent and catchy, the playing raw and honest.

Gig of the year.  No competition – Flogging Molly playing Bristol Carling Academy.  This band has more energy in one of its seven members’ little fingernails clippings than many of the bands I’ve seen over the years, and more enthusiasm flogging-molly1and enjoyment than most.  The music’s loud and raucous, but always powerful and moving.  They’ve quickly become one of my favourite bands.  You can read more about the gig here.

Film of the year – it’s been a good year – The Dark Knight, The Orphanage –  but I think In Bruges just wins out for me.  Very funny, brilliantly acted and written, this one sticks in the memory for many reasons.

There’s plenty more ‘of the year’ choices I could make, but frankly I’m crap at keeping note of things, and my memory isn’t what it used to be (indeed, isn’t what it ever should have been).

It’s a busy time here right now (my beautiful daughter is ten years old today), so I doubt I’ll post again until the New Year. There’s news of two major book deals incoming soon, and lots of other exciting stuff going,  so I hope you’ll keep visiting me here in 2009.   If you like my writing, or simply enjoy the site, please spread the word.

A Happy New Year to you all.  See you soon.



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7 comments on “2008 – Looking Back”

  1. Mark Morris says:

    Hey Tim

    Say Happy Birthday to Ellie for me. Hope she has a good one.

    It’s Nel’s tomorrow. We’ve booked a night in a posh hotel up in Northumberland.

    Saw In Bruges a couple of weeks ago. Fantastic film. Loved it.

    Happy New Year. See you soon.
    Mark x

  2. Allyson Bird says:

    Have a great New Year Tim! It was my daughter Heather’s tenth birthday recently too. Someone just turned her wit button on and I’m reeling from it!

  3. Angus Mackenzie says:

    Alright mate – how you doing.

    So we both hit 40 next year – jeez. It’s funny, with the monster pile of unread books I’ve just jumped back into American Tabloid by James Ellroy – one of my favorite novels ever.

    Could not get into The Road at all – I think after three attempts which got me barely into the book I’m going to have to admit defeat.

    Couldn’t agree more with you about In Bruges – it had me laughing out loud. The ‘this is for John Lennon’ line in the restaurant scene was classic.

    Have a good 2009 mate and see you in Notts for Fantasycon if not before.


  4. jason says:

    You’re dead on about “The Road.” I’d never even heard of McCarthy, but I picked this book up off the shelf and bought it cuz I’m a sucker for apocalyptic stories. It floored me, it was so good. Talk about hardcore, he isn’t afraid to show the dark side of man is he?

    In Bruges was hilarious. The exchange between Colin Farrell and the fat Americans almost made me cry.

    Happy New Years.

  5. Rich says:

    Yep. The Road was awesome! Just a shade better than No Country for Old Men (which is way better than the film).

    Just picked up Odder Jobs (Hellboy Anthology) and was surprised to find a Tim Lebbon story in there!

    Have a good one.


  6. Tim Lebbon says:

    Mark – hope you & Nel had a great time! We took Ellie and a few mates to bowling and then Pizza Hut, which was a lot of (busy) fun.

    Ally – Ellie’s growing up very quickly, and she’s got a great sense of humour. Bless her.

    Angus! Great to hear from you mate. Yeah, let’s hope we meet up somewhere before Fantasycon, I might even try to make an open night or two this year. And I’ll be throwing a birthday bash in July sometime.

    Jason – The Road left me stunned. Then I went on to read Johnny Got His Gun. That was quite a week.

    Rich – hope you enjoy my Hellboy story, had a lot of fun writing that.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Damon Lord says:

    Happy New Year! May it only get better!

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