2006 – thanks, and good riddance

December 24th, 2006 • Posted in News |

2006 has been the worst year of my life, and the best. A real mix. Poison and honey, dog piss and beer. And such a time leads inevitably to some very mixed emotions to see it go.

Mostly, relief.

I’ll not go into details about the bad things, those who know me know some of what’s happened. As for the good things … well, my writing has continued to bring more success, to the extent that I’m now living my life-long dream of being a full-time writer. Just over three weeks now, and I’m enjoying it immensely. Even in the disruptive weeks leading up to Christmas (kids’ carol concerts, etc etc) I’ve got a massive amount of work done, and I’ve been able to work on some spec writing as well as contracted stuff, which is geat.

I know that my Mum would be pleased and proud, and that’s always a comfort.

As for the future … writing-wise, 2007 is looking like it could be the most exciting year yet. Several new releases are planned. Some have been announced – Dawn, The Everlasting, 30 Days of Night, the new Assassin Book from Necessary Evil – some have not (including a collection, a novella and a short novel). As ever, watch this space.

There’s also the movie version of White which should progress a lot next year. Still no firm dates or news on that, but Stephen Susco has some great ideas and he’s geared up to write the script very soon. Should be very, very exciting.

Also next year I’ll be back on the convention circuit … missed out this year for various reasons. So far I’m signed up for World Horror, Necon (where I’m a Guest of Honour) and British Fantasy, and I’m considering doing World Fantasy as well.

So lots of exciting stuff, and if you’re a fan of my work there’ll be further announcements coming soon. Thanks a million for your support, thanks for reading, and please keep sending me your comments. I like nothing better than to hear what people think about my work.

I hope you have a peaceful holiday, and that 2007 is calm and peaceful for us all.


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