Motorhead and William

November 15th, 2008 • Posted in Music, Random Stuff |

Last night I visited a small seaside town with my wife and two kids.  I made a trip into a book shop, raising a weak smile from my wife … it’s pretty normal, after all.  She said she’d take the kids off for a meal.

For a small seaside bookstore, I was delighted to see that they had a sign up stating “BERSERK – coming soon!” (even given that BERSERK is not yet published in the UK).  I asked the owner if he liked authors signing their books, and he said, “No worries, I’ve got a bloke in the shop who signs them all.”

“How the hell can he do that?” I asked.  “How can he sign my book with my name?”

“Oh, he doesn’t.  He signs every book William.”

Whereupon we had an argument. What as strange, strange dream.  So if anyone out there finds any of my books signed by ‘William’, please do tell me … and there’ll be a novel in there somewhere, I’m sure.

Today, I’m off to Cardiff with my mate Gareth to sample some splendid real aleas, and then this evening we’ll be watching Motorhead, Saxon and Danko Jones.  Seen Motorhead many, many times, so tonight I hope Lemmy’s in a good mood.  Saxon … what a blast from the past!

Full report soon.  Watch out for William the Imposter.

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3 comments on “Motorhead and William”

  1. David Alan Richards says:

    My father was born in Cardiff. Later, after serving in the army, he came to America, but anyway, that is a strange dream. Do you think it was William Shakespeare? Just a thought.

  2. Steve Volk says:

    Nah. Mr Shakespeare would sign them “Bill”.

    Maybe it was William Friedkin. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

  3. Tim Lebbon says:

    Yeah …. “He’s coming to get you, Steven!”

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