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June 29th, 2017 • Posted in Movie News |

The Silence is moving closer to the big screen.  John Leonetti is the director with Kiernan Shipka and Stanley Tucci set to star.

The film is currently in pre-production with principal photography set to start in September.

More details can be found over at by following the links here and here.

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6 comments on “The Silence – Film news”

  1. Bill Brown says:

    I just saw a preview of a film which, 45 seconds in, had me thinking it was based on ‘The Silence’ (which I enjoyed muchly!). The film is ‘A Quiet Place’ – ‘If they can’t hear you, they can’t hunt you’ – and for the first 78 seconds of the preview, there is no sound, everyone is tip-toeing and speaking in sign language. TOO close to your book. Were you aware of it? Here’s the teaser.

  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    Thanks Bill, yes, we’re aware.

  3. Bill Brown says:

    I’d forgotten to heck back for your response (thank you), but I just saw the preview again. I asked about this thinking of the ‘Repo Men’ and ‘Repo: The Genetic Opera’ vs Eric Garcia’s ‘Repossession Mambo’ kerfuffle. Perhaps this is not open to discussion but I wondered if this is a similar situation.

  4. Peter Busch says:

    I just stumbled on your website after seeing the preview for the Jon Krasinski movie before seeing The Shape of Water. I couldn’t find any mention of you being tied to it online, but within the first 20 seconds it’s obvious it’s based on your work. I loved the novel. Praying you get credit and financial compensation.

  5. Stu Brown says:

    So glad I wasn’t the only one to think this after 30 seconds. I was really happy that this story was seeing the light of day, then bemused by the lack of Mr Lebbon’s name anywhere attached.

    I showed a brief synopsis (from Wikipedia) to a book seller friend of mine and her comment was ‘that’s SO his book..’

    Hoping you get the recognition deserved.

  6. Tim Lebbon says:

    Hi Folks … thanks for your comments and concerns. There are similarities, of course, but I’m confident that the movie of The Silence will stand on its own. It’s going to be epic!

    It is a little troubling, but I guess that’s all I can say about it.

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