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December 18th, 2008 • Posted in Movie News |

I’m delighted to announce that Midnight Kitchen Productions have optioned my short story Pay The Ghost, originally published in the Cemetery Dance anthology October Dreams.

Midnight Kitchen Productions focuses on adapting genre source material for film.  They currently have an adaptation of China Mieville’s Details set up at Paramount Pictures, with Pascal Laugier (Martyrs, Hellraiser) attached to direct.

Screenwriter Dan Kay (Timber Falls) is adapting Pay The Ghost, and from the discussions I’ve had with Midnight Kitchen, I’m thrilled at their vision for the movie.

More news here as this develops, but suffice to say … I’m very excited.

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7 comments on “Pay The Ghost optioned”

  1. Jeff Coffield says:

    Congrats Tim. Great News.
    You seem to have a lot going on in the coming year and beyond. I received a copy of Mind the Gap from Amazon the other day. Love it so far. Also snagged a copy of “Reach of Children” on Ebay. I have a feeling it will be my best purchase of the year.


  2. Rich says:

    Hi Tim,

    Great news. I meant to ask whether there is any Lebbon stuff on film or TV anywhere. I know there’s lots of projects under option etc, but just wondered if any of your work has made it onto the screen? I’d love to see a movie based on White!


  3. Tim Lebbon says:

    Rich, WHITE is currently under option to Stephen Susco, and he’s written a killer script. UNTIL SHE SLEEPS is also under option, I’ve seen a fantastic script for that too. There’s also EXORCISING ANGELS that’s ticking over (seen the script, great, it’s going through a new draft I believe), and a couple of others at varying stages. I’ve written a spec movie screenplay and a TV pilot, both of which are still ongoing. One day, maybe … One day ….

  4. Rich says:

    Cool! I really hope it works out. I’ve seen all the Jack Ketchum movies so far and it’s a real thrill for the fans to see their favourite books up on the big screen.


  5. Damon Lord says:

    Yay! When film options are discussed, do you get final say-so on scripts, consultative rights, etc., or (no offence intended) do you just take the money and run?

  6. Tim Lebbon says:

    Damon, the writer usually has very little impact on any movie development. With this one, the producer has been in touch and I’ll definitely get to see the script, offer opinions etc. But usually that’s as far as it goes, unless you get a deal where you’ve attached to write first draft (which has happened for me once, but usually the producer has a particular screenwriter in mind).

  7. Doug Plomitallo says:

    That is awesome news! “Pay the Ghost” is one of my favorite stories to read out of October Dreams. I look forward to reading it every October! Can’t wait for the movie version!

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