Shifting of Veils

October 12th, 1999 • Posted in Library, Novellas |

Publisher:- PS Publishing


Unsigned Trade Jacketed Hardcover
Signed and numbered Jacketed Hardcover – limited to 100 copies

Both editions can be ordered direct from the publisher here.

This novella is collected in Borrowed Time, also from PS Publishing.


In Naming of Parts, Jack and his family fled the zombie plague to find his sister. Jack’s mother died, and his sister was already infected. Grief-stricken, alone, Jack and his father headed for the coast.
In Changing of Faces, were-creatures attacked the beached cruise liner which they had dared call home. Jack’s father was swept out to sea in a life-raft, and Jack lay dying in the sands.
Now, the world has moved on. The few people who remain huddle in small communities or wander the landscape as Walkers.  Mad, murderous wraiths haunt the overgrown towns.  When Jack hears rumours of his father, he embarks on one final journey to reunite what is left of his family.
Moving, melancholy, terrifying, Shifting of Veils completes the Apocalypse Trilogy in chilling form.

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