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At forty-one I was overweight and unfit. As I turned 50 I was thirty pounds lighter, having spent my fifth decade training for, and racing multiple Ironmans, marathons, and other crazy adventures. This account of that fitness journey through my forties includes broken bones, severe chafing, regular cursing, rubber and lycra, an element of masochism … and cake.

From New York Times-bestselling writer Tim Lebbon comes his first non-fiction book, charting his fitness journey through his forties––funny, hopefully inspiring, brutally honest, this is a book for anyone trying to get and stay fit, at whatever age!

“The perfect mix of hilarity and inspiration! Tim’s incredible story is an absolute must read for anyone who is questioning whether or not to take on some crazy challenge (spoiler, you’ll never regret it!) as well as for those who are more long-in-the-tooth masochists. You’ll struggle to find a story of personal transformation that is as belly laugh inducing and uplifting as this one!” –– CHRISSIE WELLINGTON, 4 x Ironman World Champion

“This is the perfect mix of inspiration, humour, instruction, pain and enjoyment, and cake.” –– ANDY HOLGATE, author of Can’t Swim, Can’t Ride, Can’t Run

“Funny, engaging, and totally inspirational, I loved Run Walk Crawl. Even if you’re a couch potato like me, it will have you contemplating heading out for a walk before tucking into a piece of cake. Because, as Tim Lebbon says, ‘what’s the point of it all without a pint and a piece of cake to celebrate with?’ Filled with entertaining anecdotes, memories and race reports, Run Walk Crawl has something for exercise novices and experts alike. I raced through this book. Perfect pandemic reading.” –– SARAH PINBOROUGH, Sunday Times & New York Times bestselling author of Behind Her Eyes

“Brutally honest and wonderfully witty. Tim’s story is inspiring and packed full of advice on how to turn your life around.” –– CLAIRE SMITH, author of Becoming Brutal

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